Carl's Aquarium

I've recently had the opportunity to set up a new custom 180-gallon reef aquarium at home, and it's been a pleasure to play with.

The tank came from Florida (I'm in Michigan) this summer...sustaining a little damage in the process...but nothing I couldn't fix.

I boosted the light output from two to four 90 W VHO tubes, and added a chiller in my basement for the summer months
I ordered a "package" from Tampa Bay Saltwater and cannot provide enough praise for the company. I received 180 pounds of live sand, 360 pounds of live rock, and tons of critters that came with the package.
This was not some of the reconstituted Fiji junk that is "cured" (i.e., stripped of all life) and then reseeded later on. The sand and rock I received was sitting on the ocean floor a couple days before.
The sand arrived first and the tank cycled in about three weeks. The rock arrived crawling with crabs, clams, barnacles, hermits, sponges, and corals.There literally wasn't a surface that didn't have life on it.
I added my fish from the two aquariums I was dismantling (having to get rid of my three prized triggerfish), and they immediately took to the new setting.
Using exclusively RO water and having tons of snails and blue-legged hermits has kept any trace of hair aglae down. I only have to give a quick wipe-down to the glass every few days and do a partial water change once a month.
Tampa Bay Saltwater also sent along a bunch of "extras," thing I never even paid for, like fantastic sponges and anemones. This is really a great source for live material.
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